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Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint Toothpaste (.85oz & 3.3oz)

Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint Toothpaste-ADA Approved

Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ Clean Mint Toothpaste has an improved usage experience that you and your patients are sure to love! It has less desquamation and a smoother formula vs. our previous Crest Pro-Health formula. It is formulated with stabilized stannous fluoride to help restore gingival health. It protects enamel from the effects of acid erosion*. Benefits are in these key areas dental professionals check: gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, acid erosion*, caries, staining, calculus, and halitosis. 

*Acid erosion effects: Acids in everyday food can soften and thin enamel, leaving teeth less white, weaker and sensitive.

In 4 week plaque study, in 2 month gingivitis study

Crest Pro-Health Professional Materials

Everyday food and drinks in patients’ diets can be highly acidic and damaging to enamel. Crest Pro-Health with stannous fluoride shields teeth to better protect enamel against acids in the danger zone++ while all fluoride toothpaste protects in the safe zone.

++vs regular fluoride toothpaste.

Crest Pro-Health Patient Materials

Enamel protection is important because acid erosion is hard to notice-- it happens over time. By the time it is noticed, permanent damage is already done. This loss of enamel can leave teeth less white, weaker, and sensitive

Crest Pro-Health protects enamel

Stannous fluoride goes beyond regular fluoride by not only remineralizing weakened enamel, but also by forming a micro-thin shield to protect against dietary acids and inhibits the production of caries-causing plaque acids** (and gingivitis-causing inflammatory toxins).

** Fights plaque and gingivitis. Strengthens enamel.

Enamel Protection Video

Crest Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride forms a micro-thin shield to protect against erosive acids, helping prevent irreversible enamel damage, 26.9% less enamel loss vs. Sensodyne Pronamel at 10 days. Watch the Video.

Bacteriostatic Video

Crest Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride not only kills bacteria (bactericidal), but also inhibits the release of inflammatory toxins that can lead to gingival bleeding (bacteriostatic) with 21.8% less bleeding vs. Colgate Total at 2 months. Watch the Video.

Why Stannous Fluoride Matters

Crest Pro-Health with stabilized stannous fluoride also inhibits the regrowth of plaque bacteria with 23% less plaque regrowth vs. Colgate Total at 4 weeks. Video is representative of actual real-life lab experiment. Watch the Video.

Crest Pro-Health protects against and removes tartar stains

Crest Pro-Health protects against and removes stains. It protects against stains by helping to prevent calcification into tartar, thereby reducing the surface area that can attract stains. It gently removes stains using fine silica. Watch the Video.

Crest Pro-Health Professional Materials
Crest Pro-Health Patient Materials

For You

With its unique formulation, Crest Pro-Health protects enamel across both enamel damage zones.

For Your Patients

Your patients can't replace enamel, but you can recommend Crest Pro-Health to protect it. Share information about Crest Pro-Health with your patients.